Thursday, June 14, 2012


The AMAZING thing about adoption is all the 'firsts' you get to experience with your new son/daughter.  We didn't see Edilu's first steps, or hear his for word, spot his first tooth or smile.  But we did get to witness so many exciting firsts since we have had him....and some hard firsts too.  Sometimes people ask if it is hard that we missed the first year and a half of his life...of course I wish I was there to experience it with him, but I am not sad.  Actually I don't want to take away anything about who Edilu is, and how his life started.  So I am just plain happy that I get to be with him now...what a privilege we have being parents to our two AMAZING kids:)

First plane ride...then first tantrum on a plane:)
First morning together...first of many waffles made by Grammy
First trip to the park
First experience with chapstick...see the shiny face?
First salsa...LOVED IT!
First time using a big boy cup...all my himself!
First zoo trip
First lazy Saturday down-town

First ride on a bike

First parade...looking good.

First trip to the rainy bay

First walk along the water...and many more to come!

Can't get much better :)


  1. Aaaaughh! I love 'em all! Especially the intricate application of the chapstick. : ) ha ha ha ha

  2. So beautiful Angela! And I wholeheartedly agree with you on our children's beautiful stories. How good is God to bring beauty from ashes.