Friday, April 20, 2012


Well, I pretty much let the blog go for about 5 months.  BUT we are back!  I want to let you know how things are going, and about our trip to pick up our boy!  We have been home for two weeks today...things are good.  (Although Edilu is currently NOT taking his nap he is supposed to be taking:)  I wanted to post each of the emails Tom sent out to our close friends and family.  It was too hard for us to blog while in Ethiopia, and email was the easiest option.  I know I left a lot of people off the list (not on purpose!)  so I thought I would post them with pics so if you didn't get the whole story, well, now you can!  Tom is a much better writer than I am, so you are in for a treat!  The email below went out the night before we left for Ethiopia...a little history...we waited four months between our court date and clearing embassy.  This is not normal, but there were some paperwork problems with our case, so it took us longer to be submitted, and then longer to clear. 

BUT we did, and here is the story of our final trip to ET!!

Tuesday, March 27th 2012

Hey all,

Let the mass emailing begin! It is official-less than 16 hours from now we will board a flight at Portland International Airport (PIA...oh wait, PDX-that acronym makes sense, right?) for the longest flight known to man...actually, one of the shortest: Portland to Seattle. But THEN, we board the Big Dog, the Mac Daddy of ridiculous flight durations, Seattle to Dubai. Fourteen hours. And last time we thought the flight to Frankfurt was bad...that was a mere 11 hours. We arrive in Dubai for a 12-hour mandatory layover (hotel included-halleluia!) then a short 4-hour flight to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on Friday.

We have clothes spread throughout the house, suitcases everywhere, its a melee in here. We have a carry-on suitcase that is just outside the size limits, so we're paranoid we'll get to the Emirates gate at Seattle and get shot down...but hey, we live life on the edge. And of course we also have four (count 'em, FOUR) gigantic suitcases that are crammed full of a crazy amount of stuff, only one of which is clothes we will wear and toiletries we will use to cleanse ourselves and combat the onslaught of body odor. The rest is food, toys, kids' clothes and shoes...donations that generous people are sending over there to give away. So we are packing like greedy squirrels, cramming goodies into every inch of available space, stuffing every nook and cranny with socks, chocolate, Q-tips, toothpaste, pull-ups (for Edilu) and the one thing I wish we would have had last time more than anything else: Saltines! We got a weird stomach sickness last time, and absolutely nothing smelled or sounded good except for good old starchy, crunchy crackers. Instead, on the return trip, the cabin was filled with the noxious fumes of aromatic German airplane food...I'm getting sick just thinking about it. All that to we go. Please pray for us tomorrow, as it is killing us to leave Mae one more time, and we are nervous, anxious, stressed, slightly sleep-deprived, and emotional. We're scared of what the return trip will be like with a 1.5 year old in tow, and really trusting God that his hand is on the trip and will be guiding us, comforting us as we tackle this thing head-on. We love all of you, and will update you as much as possible!

Tom and Ang

 Morning of our flight...on our way to the airport:)
 Outside PDX ready for our journey

14 hours on this beast!

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  1. Yeah! I LOVE reading travel blog stories! I can't wait!