Monday, August 15, 2011


(very excited about our new son!)

After 19 months and one week of being on our adoption journey we FINALLY saw a picture of our son! We got the call last Monday at 12:30 pm. It was a shock to me to see the Virgina area code on my phone on a Monday. For some reason I had it in my head that they didn't really do a lot of referrals on Mondays. BUUUT I am not complaining! The call is kind of a blur. I tried my hardest to concentrate on all the words that were coming through the was difficult. The wonderful thing about the phone call is our family coordinator did a conference call with Tom and I. So we both heard the information about our son for the first time together! After the phone call, Tom came home and we waited for the EMAIL!! About 45 minutes later we received our email. It was amazing seeing his face for the first time, reading all about his story, and looking through the information they gathered for us. We cannot share his picture, or his name online until we pass court. But I can say he is amazing! It was an awesome moment seeing his beautiful eyes for the first time, and our first meeting can't come soon enough!

So what's next?? Currently the courts in Ethiopia are closed. Our first trip will be to go to our court date in Ethiopia. The courts will be closed through September, however we are hoping to MAYBE find out when our court date is before they re-open in October. However, most likely we will find out when we go in October. So maybe November??? As soon as we get a date we book our flights and prepare to go! We will spend the week getting to know our son, and end the week going to court, and hopefully become his legal guardians! Can't wait for that day! After our first trip we come home, for a short period of time, and then as his paperwork is finished we will go back to pick him and and bring him home!

We are just so overwhelmed by this amazing journey. We feel so lucky to be the parents of this amazing little guy, and so thankful that God has lead us through each obstacle. I will post some pictures from our amazing week.

Waiting for the emailsharing the news!
Showing Mae her new brother!Mae's big sister treat from her best friend!

Flowers from sweet friends!Our fellow adoption buddies taking us out for Ethiopian food to celebrate!
Yummmm! So good!