Friday, July 29, 2011

still waiting...

We have been on deck over a month now. I was hoping that we would have a referral soon after we got our on deck email...but we are still here...waiting. This waiting thing is harder than I thought it would be. I try to fill each day with something, and try not to think about the phone burning a hole through my purse or pocket. BUT I am finding it is almost impossible not to think about a referral. What will he look like??? How old will he be??? How long has he been in the transition home??? Has he bonded with anyone??? Who is his bio mom, and will we get to meet her??? So many questions. It is so hard to wait to hear those answers. Yesterday was a particularly hard day. I couldn't really pinpoint why, but it just was. What is more valuable in this earth than our family, and especially our children?! I look at Mae and can't imagine her being miles and miles away from when I entertain those thoughts, and how I have no control over what happens in is little life, I sure do get anxious. HOWEVER, thankfully we have an awesome God to find comfort in. I know that my emotions will not go away, but I can read truth everyday. I KNOW that ALL things work together for GOOD! ALL THINGS. It is hard to see how those things will work out, but that is where trust is handy right? Anyway, just a few thoughts from my brain. Thanks for reading and for being excited with us. We are so blessed to be on this journey...and I REALLY feel that way, no matter how my emotions and thoughts run wild!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

On Deck!

A little over two weeks ago we got our "On Deck" email. Which basically means we are 'kind of' next up for a referral. There is a group of us that all turned our dossier (paperwork) at the same time, on Sept 3rd, 2010. So they use this date of being DTE-meaning, Dossier to Ethiopia, for our wait time. So our wait time is currently 8-10 months from our DTE date. July 3rd was our 10th month on the wait list. Ten months DTE. So we are hoping with our ON DECK status and that we have been waiting for so long, we will be next up for a referral! Our agency does not share the specifics of where we are exactly on the list, but our yahoo group of AWAA families in the Ethiopia program keeps it's own list. On that list we are #2! So that is very exciting for us, and I pretty much have my phone with me 24-7. That is until 2pm, when our agency (in Virginia) closes for the day. if you call before 2pm, and I am a little disappointed it was not our agency, don't take it too hard. I am putting just a little bit of stock in the phone call:)

I have to say when we received our "On Deck" email about two and a half weeks ago, it was the most excited I have been. I almost didn't want to believe it, and let myself get too excited. I put off writing about it on our blog because I just feel like there have been so many ups and downs with the wait, that it might not really be true:) But if it is, we will hopefully have a referral any day now.

Of course there are many factors that go into referring children to families. As our agency brings children into their Transition Homes, where they stay until we pick them up, there are many things that need to happen. Two big ones are they have to have paperwork all in order for the child to be adopted, and they need to be in good health. So our child might be in the Transition home a few months before we know who he is and see his picture. I am hoping he is there now! So we have become good at waiting, and will do it a little longer. We are reminded daily in many ways that God has chosen the perfect child for our family. He does so in the womb, and will do so in our adoption. He holds our son in His hand for us. He has put others in his life to care for him until we can bring him home. I can't wait till the day he allows us to see/hold/meet him!