Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Still Here

It has been awhile, and that is mostly because we are still....waiting...waiting...waiting...Things have been moving along with our agency and with adoptions in Ethiopia, so that is wonderful! However, we are pretty much in the same place we were when I last blogged. We did get some amazing news though, we received a grant! We are thrilled that we were given funds to put towards our adoption costs. We feel very honored and so thankful for the Lord providing for us. We have been blessed beyond what we ever could have imagined throughout this process so far. I can't imagine how we will feel when we get to hold our son for the first time, bring him home, and introduce him to Mae! We have now been DTE for almost 7 months...(on the wait list). The 'official' wait time for a boy right now is 5-8 months. So we are hoping/praying with in a month we will have a referral! There have been children placed last week, and two families who are from our area both received their referrals! We are rejoicing with them, and I can't wait to help them welcome their new additions home soon! It is so fun to see the process come full circle for friends we have connected with on this journey! So we are encouraged! Well, that is about it. The longer we wait, the stronger that bond grows for our son and Mae's baby brother!